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Futurise your newsroom & expand your readership with Flowli’s innovative approach to digital publishing.

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Folder-less, semantic content organisation

Most CMS bury content in deep folder trees that are time-consuming to navigate. In a dramatic departure, Flowli does away with folders completely, and instead organises content semantically. The result is a much more efficient & uncluttered editing interface, putting the focus on publishing, not administering.

'Everything is content' publishing model

Flowli’s flat hierarchy treats everything as content – articles, images, videos, files, and even users. This makes it possible to quickly create ‘clouds’ of related content, adding both depth and breadth to stories while increasing reader engagement and brand loyalty.

Content scheduling

To attract the biggest possible readership for your content, it is crucial to time its publication carefully. Whether a story should coincide with a date, important event, or is part of a regular series – with Flowli’s publishing calendar, it’s easy to orchestrate the best possible release strategies.

Subscription API

Monetise your content with Flowli’s API by creating custom-tailored subscription packages – perhaps for premium reader accounts, paid access to an archive, or syndicating content to other media organisations. Subscriptions can be limited by author, topic, series, publication date, and other convenient parameters.


Device-independent, multi-channel publishing

Flowli’s library stores content only in its ‘raw’ form. The final visual formatting is done via templates based on industry-standard HTML5 and CSS3. By simply adjusting these templates, Flowli can publish to virtually any device, format, and channel to make sure you reach more readers than ever before.

Multi-language and multi-region support

The ideal platform for digital publications with a global readership, Flowli not only provides different language versions for each article, but also the option to present different content for different regions – eg. to cater for cultural preferences. Flowli also supports non-latin languages such as Chinese or Hindi.


Story impact tracker

Flowli brings data analytics into the newsroom by giving editors valuable insights into how their stories are performing. Editors can instantly see which content strategies are working and which not, enabling them to fine-tune editorial decision-making based on actual reader preferences and behaviour.

Visual answers to complex questions

In which countries did this story do well? How many readers arrived via Facebook, and when? How did readership develop compared to similar stories? Flowli can offer answers to these and other questions via user-friendly graphical widgets that can be customised to cater for different editorial needs.


Intelligent and dynamic templating system

Want to move a trending story to the front page? Change the size of the lead image? Create a special section about a current event? Thanks to Flowli’s intelligent templates, complex layout changes now take only seconds. And you can even use your phone when you’re travelling.

Smart workflow builder with task scheduler

Once an editorial strategy has been agreed upon, Flowli allows editors to set up smart ‘if X happens > then do Y’ workflows, eliminating time-consuming manual publishing tasks. Combined with Flowli’s semantic content library and dynamic templates, the automated digital newsroom is now a possibility.

Futurise your newsroom & expand your readership with Flowli’s innovative approach to digital publishing.

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